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Energy Genesis

I recently completed my 15th Energy Genesis session. I utilize the monthly membership as part of my personal healing plan to keep my body in balance and reduce inflammation. I am 64 years old, and prior to using Energy Genesis I could feel inflammation in my body. There were also times when, during the night, I was awoken by pain traveling from joint to joint. Since using Energy Genesis, I no longer witness the “traveling pain” when I sleep. I also cannot feel the inflammation in my body. I highly recommend the Energy Genesis sessions; they are profoundly relaxing and subtlety healing. Finally, Liza is a kind and compassionate healer, and I look forward towards accessing her wisdom each month.
— Mary (Madison, WI)
My experience at Life Center of Wisconsin was unique and powerful! The owner has created a wonderful environment; you feel the calming energy as soon as you walk in the front door! I did three sessions in a row and felt a little more calm and at peace with each one. The third session, however, took me to a whole other level and I was able to release emotions I didn’t even know were stored somewhere deep inside my body. I felt a huge sense of relief and less anxiety. I am thankful for the safe space of the Energy Genesis, which allowed me to free myself of thoughts and emotions that no longer serve me, therefore allowing my physical body to start healing, as well. Since the past two years were filled with my own health issues and two ill parents, this is exactly what I need to get me on track to balancing my mind, body, and spirit. The membership opportunity is such a nice way to continue my healing journey here at an affordable cost.
— Kim C. (Wautoma, WI)
I am compelled to share my experience with this work, as Energy Genesis reliably takes me to a state of deep and grounded relaxation, creating a supportive opportunity to commune with Spirit. These sessions help me feel capable of living from my original blueprint by being my best Self. I just completed three sessions with my husband. Working with our common intention for healing, this is experiential couple’s therapy without words- clap! clap! When we are at our best we are naturally better partners to each other. I am grateful for the sensitive professional care and guidance that I receive from Liza and Life Center of WI. This beautiful therapy is healing the world!
— Ann C.G (Madison)
I knew I wanted to try the Energy Genesis right after hearing about it! It is exactly the kind of modality I’d been searching for to help me with the emotional pain of my chilidhood. After my first session, I felt a peace and deep contentment I’ve never experienced. After my second session I vomited violently and after my third session I was more peaceful than ever. In the days and weeks following I noticed that the daily triggers that would set me off diminished along with much of the irritability that kept me in constant stress.
— Kathy B. (Milwaukee, WI)
I wanted to try the Energy Genesis for relaxation and stress reduction. I immediately felt at ease while lying in the bed and soon drifted off to sleep. I awoke with an overall sense of well-being and euphoria. Given the daily stress of my life, I decided to sign up for the maintenance membership so I can keep my stress under control.
— Ben K. (Milwaukee, WI)
I signed up for a “set” of sessions in the Energy Genesis because I wanted to detox. I liked the idea of detoxing naturally without supplements or pills.
The sessions are very relaxing, Its a relaxation unlike anything I’ve experienced in my 18 years of yoga and meditation practice. I can’t wait to do another set of sessions! Thank you Liza!
— Jolie S. (Madison)
The Energy Genesis was a unique mind-body experience that integrates sound, light and vibratory healing affects. I enjoyed the experience both during the sessions as well as throughout the next several days following my sessions. I felt more balanced, calm, and energized. Interestingly, the process was much more subtle and penetrating than a typical therapeutic massage or yoga class. The Life Center environment is spacious and soothing. I really appreciated Liza’s warm and accepting presence and the great perspective and insight she offered around questions I had about my experience and the Energy Genesis process as a whole. I look forward to learning more about the long-term benefits of the process through the 6 month membership program and explorations with my wife and children.
— S. Anderson (Madison, WI)
It has been 3 weeks since I completed my second round of sessions. I feel good and my energy levels are higher. There is an overall “aliveness” that is present in my life. I think my hair and complexion are better too! Being in the Energy Genesis is a pleasant and relaxing experience. This is something I plan to continue doing for myself! Thank you!
— Barbara (Madison)
I have a toddler who is a “fever” baby. When he gets a fever it is usually a 5-7 day run and hovers around 102. It was a Tuesday night when he broke into a fever, so Wednesday morning I called Liza at the Life Center and she got us in right away that morning. He was in the Energy Genesis for 20 minutes. That night it was amazing to see his fever break and Thursday morning he woke with no fever!
I am so grateful to have this amazing technology here in Madison!
— J. Anderson (Janesville)
Life changing experience! I wish I had discovered Genesis therapy 20 years ago! I feel as though the sessions released behaviors that were governed by my emotions. Liza guides you through the process and is very knowledgeable! I highly recommend this!!!
— Jackie. S. (Madison)
The Life Center Energy Genesis was really powerful for me! As a mother of two young children, I need my patience more than anything. After my experience at the Life Center I felt like I was able to listen better, be more present, more patient and empathetic both with my children and my family! I HIGHLY recommend this experience and wish I lived closer so I could go more often. After my treatment I was on “cloud nine” for DAYS and felt nothing could bring me down. I will definitely be back!!!
— Ellen T. (Southern CA)
The work that Liza is doing through Life Center of Wisconsin is truly amazing! For people who are experiencing or have experienced life-threatening illnesses, the Life Center of WI provides something tangible in assisting with the healing process that is so often overlooked with such illnesses. I feel so fortunate to have experienced the personalized services offered as well as the wonderful energy that radiates throughout the entire space. I felt my ANXIETY subside an immense amount after I completed the sessions. If only I was still living in WI, I would be coming back every month! Awesome!!
— R. Cassidy (Boston)
I am more present and solid in my true essence since I’ve been coming to Life Center of WI and experiencing Energy Genesis. Clarity and purpose are more available to me. The work is yours and yours alone! I felt greater connection to all and I am able to access what truly works for me quickly!
— S. T. (Madison)
My first 3-session experience was powerful! Liza is so tuned in. This is the direction healing is moving and I’m so grateful to have this readily available.
Try it! It’s powerful!
— M. Grace (Madison)
Great experience, really incredible results! I recommend the Life Center and the light/sound/vibration therapy to everyone I know! Don’t hesitate to go,
this is life changing!
— Emily B. (Madison)