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What is BIO FeedBack?

The Bio-Well device can detect, measure and analyze the human biofield. The Bio-Well is founded on the concept of subtle energy and the human biofield. To set a foundation, lets define a few concepts that will better explain what this is;

About Bio Feedback

Energy, (from the Greek “Energeia” – action, activity), is a general quantitative measure of the movement and interactions of all kinds of matter. In nature, energy does not arise out of nothing and does not disappear – it just may transform from one form into another. The concept of energy ties together all phenomena of nature.

They defined the biofield as “a massless field, not necessarily electromagnetic, that surrounds and permeates living bodies and affects the body.” The human biofield isn’t rigid, but a fluctuating halo of energy extending up to five feet from the human body, constantly exchanging energy with its environment.


This could explain why you might feel “bad vibes” coming from a person even though you can’t consciously explain why. Or maybe you feel the aura of a new environment seems strange, even though everything on paper seems like it shouldn’t be. Up until now, these types of intuitions seemed like crazy hippie talk, but with devices such as the Bio-Well, we can now objectively measure these type of subtle energies under the lens of science.

How does the Bio-Well measure the human biofield?

The Bio-Well device is founded on a well known physics phenomena called corona discharge.

When high voltage electricity is applied to an object, (living or nonliving) light is emitted around its edges. In 1939 a Russian engineer named Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian created a technique called Kirlian photography that was able to capture this light emission on camera.

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Best Use of the Bio-Well

The Bio-Well is FDA approved however is not a medical grade instrument. (If you have any serious health concerns, consult a doctor or medical professional)

With that said, the Bio-Well is one of the most advanced detectors of subtle energy and can be best utilized for a handful of functions.

Health Prediction

The major benefit of using the Bio-Well is for health predictions. Health disorders typically arise on an energetic level first before manifesting itself physically. By detecting these disorders upstream energetically, you’re able to make the necessary changes before they become physical.

Primarily, the Bio-Well analysis is part of predictive medicine. The task is not to treat symptoms of any medical problems but to prevent health abnormalities at an early stage by recommending the necessary counter-measure to prevent possible problems. As a rule, this requires significant change in one’s attitude to life, the nature of diet, supplementation and energy medicine to address the root source of the dis-order/dis-ease.

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BioWell Consultation $85

The consult takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes. It includes a series of readings;

  • Chakra measurement

  • Analysis (balance btwn left and right hemispheres of the body)

  • Overall body energy field

  • Organ systems

  • Stress/Anxiety detection (emotional pressure)

  • Personalized MP3 chakra meditation music

  • and more….

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