A little bit about Liza Abitz and Life Center of Wisconsin...


I was first introduced to holistic energy medicine in the mid 1990’s and thru a series of life circumstances was forced to wake up to my own personal growth and healing journey. At 25, single and living in San Francisco, I suddenly became seriously ill and was unable to continue working. Under some of the best care available in the country, I spent a week at SFU hospital being examined, tested, scanned, poked, and prodded.  Alas, none of the doctors could figure out what was wrong with me. They had some good guesses but no solutions, it was a frightening time. After 7 weeks of illness, I seemed to miraculously recover, many pounds lighter and very confused. 

My father passed a few years earlier and it was the combination of these events that lead me on a path to study, learn, experience and discover all I could about life beyond the physical.

I started eating organic food, practicing yoga, studying Transcendental meditation, seeing acupuncturists, naturopaths, energy healers,  and psychics. My immediate illness was gone but the questions were increasing and I was in search of answers!  I devoured books, took classes, and attended lectures on spiritual, metaphysical, and energy medicine. 

Today, 20 plus years later I am still discovering and learning about the very part of life that fascinates me most… the spiritual and eternal aspect that defies our denser reality.

It was in 2013 I first learned of the Energy Genesis Technology, when a trusted mentor of mine interviewed the inventor on Gaia TV.   While watching the interview I knew I had to experience the technology.  Forty eight hours later I had booked tickets to Colorado for myself, husband and 8 year old daughter. After three days of sessions , I knew I wanted to open a center offering the Energy Genesis technology to others.  After my first day of treatment, I left the center in a state of utter bliss. I couldn't wait to come back! The following two days were just as euphoric, there were times during my sessions that I didn't have awareness of my physical body, It was like I was floating. I had never experienced such deep relaxation.  I have no doubt that the experience detoxed my body so very deeply that I got pregnant 2 months later ( after having a miscarriage a year earlier).  I have spent the last 4 years studying the particulars of sound, light and frequency healing. The basis for this technology is not new, the Ancients practiced sound and vibration healing. It is just that in our modern age we have forgotten the simple and beautiful aspects of this type of energy medicine. However, the desire for holistic, alternative healing is growing and I believe the population is ready for this!

Dr. Norm Shealy M.D., Ph.D. had this to say about his findings with the Energy Genesis he has in his private research lab. 

  • "[the Energy Genesis is] the most advanced system for balancing the brain, mind and entire intrinsic healing system."
  • "One of the most remarkable findings so far is a 95% reduction in Parkinson's tremor after just two treatments."
  • "As someone who has practiced deep relaxation for over 40 years, I find it the deepest relaxation possible!"

Norm Shealy, MD, PhD

Neurosurgeon, Psychologist and founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association

I am so grateful to be holding the space for others to experience this paradigm shift in healing. 

Thank you and I welcome the opportunity to meet you!

Liza Abitz


Liza lives in the lovely town of Cambridge with her husband and two children, along with a bunch of furry and feathered souls in a 19th century Creamery turned modern abode.

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In her free time Liza enjoys traveling with her family,  biking, hiking, yoga, bee keeping, knitting, and catching up with old friends.